Friday, October 5, 2018

Elastic search LTR plugin install

Elastic search plugin LTR install is first plugin i have installed for elastic. I had trouble to install it on Windows. So ill share exact steps to take so you could not waste time.

About LTR plugin

The Elasticsearch Learning to Rank plugin uses machine learning to improve search relevance ranking. It's powering search at places like Wikimedia Foundation and Snagajob!
  • Allows you to store features (Elasticsearch query templates) in Elasticsearch
  • Logs features scores (relevance scores) to create a training set for offline model development
  • Stores linear, xgboost, or ranklib ranking models in Elasticsearch that use features you've stored
  • Ranks search results using a stored model
  • Important

    * LTR plugin is build to exact Elastic version. For example: "" is build for 6.4.1 elastic version. So first make sure you find correct versions.

    Plugins to download:

    Elastic search to download / renew version:

    1. Renew elastic if required for versions to match
    2. Download plugin zip
    3. Open cmd.exe ( command prompt )
    4. Go to for example "C:\Elastic\6.4.1\bin"
    5. Run "elasticsearch-plugin.bat install file:///c:/Elastic/6.4.0/" . Make sure you write 'file:///' before path. Else you might get error like "Exception in thread "main" unknown protocol: c".
    6. Done.


    Other instructions can be found here:

    Preparing / training data:

    Monday, May 14, 2018

    Solution for Chrome USB debugging remote devices doesn't appear

    Today I was forced to inspect crashing chrome browser. To inspect that i needed to use desktop chrome.

    To do that there is pretty good tutorial:

    But after completing all steps. Nothing appeared in "remote devices" on desktop.

    After few hours i have found solution.

    To fix that:

    1. Download SDK Platform-Tools for Windows zip file. Extract..
    2. Launch cmd.exe ( command prompt ). 
    3. From extracted folder launch "C:\path_to_file\adb.exe devices" . You might get as i got - "List of devices attached: 9be86c14 unauthorized"
    4. Now unplug your phone and plug it back. 
    5. Check your phone that it allows PTP connection of USB debugging ( check link ).
    6. Repeat #3 step - launch "adb.exe devices" command again. You might get same message in cmd.exe window. BUT now check your phone. There should be confirmation popup window for mac address. Accept that.
    7. Now just repeat same #3 step. As it shown from my screenshot i got success message "9a479b83 device".
    8. Done. Now you should be able to detect the device under "remote devices" in google chrome. 

    To inspect url on device:

    1. On device open chrome and open desired url
    2. On desktop open remote devices 
    3. Click device
    4. Near appeared list of "opened" tabs with shown urls find your "last one" and on right side click "inspect" button.
    5. Done.

    Happy debugging.

    Let me know if it helped you. Or write where you stuck and how you solved it, so other people could save time. Thanks.

    Wednesday, May 9, 2018

    Elastic search FORBIDDEN/12/index read-only / allow delete

    You have faced the problem - on update index it doesnt changes and gives the error ? The error appears after your index is locked and changes to read only. Reason for that is because of not enough storage on your machine hard drive.

    Here what to do:

    1. Clean hard disk, because it has not enough space... Remove cache, Remove unused files and so on... find trash and just delete it... 
    2. Update elastic search cluster index settings with parameter ( 'index.blocks.read_only_allow_delete' => null - source: ) 
    3. Once you do previous steps, you will be able to make updates to index.
    Comment if it helped you. Else write comment what was different, so other visitors might find your comment useful.

    Saturday, November 4, 2017

    Setting shopify quantity minimum value

    Today faced with problem of shopify:

    Ability to set up minimal value for a product quantity

    After some research i found some old topics with difficult solutions, for example this one:

    In my case it was enough to set minimal value for all products. So here how to do that:

    1. Admin / Online Store / 
    2. From button "actions" select "edit code"
    3. In folder "Sections" find file "product-template.liquid"
    4. In my case it was line 172 with code:
    class="product-form__input" id="Quantity" name="quantity" pattern="[0-9]*" type="number" value="1"
    So i made change here to:
    class="product-form__input" id="Quantity" min="10" name="quantity" pattern="[0-9]*" type="number" value="10"
    I have set value default to 10 and "min" to 10 too.
    5. Press review / save
    6. Done

    p.s. similar solution found here:

    Tuesday, May 2, 2017

    CPU lag spikes while moving mouse

    So recently i faced with strange problem: While moving mouse i have seen noticeable lags spikes like wrapping for a several seconds and lag stops after it and mouse starts to move smoothly again. Doesn't matters what places - gaming / desktop or even bios.

    My PC specs:

    Windows 10
    Nvidia GTX 770
    Intel I5-2400 @ 3,1 Ghz
    DDR3 8 GB ram
    Asus mother board p8h61-m le r2.0
    bios 1408

    It felt like it was a virus / trojan or other bad program which uses CPU / HDD or other PC resources.


    First thing what i did is checked Task manager. Than i have continued and monitored several hours in resource monitor. But nothing was noticed in cpu / memory / disk neither in network tab.

    Secondly I have installed few free or trial versions of anti-viruses and other monitoring applications:

    • Kaspersky ( ) install and made full scan
    • Malwarebytes ( ) install and made full scan
    • Bitdefender ( ) made full scan
    • CCleaner ( ) full scan
    But nothing was found.

    Hard drive check

    Next i have checked hard drive for bad sectors. Made other scans with programs like
    • LatencyMon ( )

    Advanced task manager

    For more advanced tasks monitoring i have installed programs like:
    • Open hardware monitor ( )
    • Security task manager ( )
    But still no results and bad process was fount there. 


    After multiple check noticed:
    • Lag spikes was noticed even in BIOS
    • Sometimes lags disappear but after some use of PC the lags appeared back.
    Other tries was made to prevent lags:
    • Disable cortana
    • Performance windows 10 optimization ( recommended youtube video with full steb by step instuction how to clean and disable unusefull programs/services and gadgets ) 
    • Disabling Realtek HD drivers
    • Disabling Nvidia sound drivers
    • Try to update bios ( but i had latest version )

    Ask profesionals for help

    Coworker/Friend of mine suggested to disconnect GPU.

    After i have disconnected GPU i have noticed some improvement, but not for long... after few moments lags was noticed again. 

    Logitech m185

    Finally suggestion was to try disconnect used USB port devices and look if something is interrupting. And after i have changed bluetooth mouse usb plugin i came up with idea that maybe my mouse is broken ( because of rage gaming ). So what i did i changed mouse with same model - logitech m185 ( best mouse in the world. if you want one buy it here ) my wifes one. 
    And miracle happened. It worked perfectly! No lags, no spikes nothing, but smooth movements. 


    And finally i came up with idea to try changing battery on my mouse. And guess what...  It started to work perfectly again

    Problem that i didn't though about battery at first time was because that when my battery dies mouse stops working immediately, but this time it didn't happen that way.


    Saturday, March 4, 2017

    Left handed circular saws

    Two types of circular saws

    • Right handed circular saw -  blade on right side
    • Left handed circular saw - blade on left side

    I suggest to check reviews inside.

    Typical use of circular saws is when blade goes to side of your body. Righty holds main grip with right hand, aux grip with left and blade goes to right side. Opposite, lefties holds main grip with left hand, aux grip with right and blade goes to left side.

    Between arms

    So what about other method? How about holding right bladed saw's main grip with left hand and left bladed saw's main grip with right?

    You shouldn't cross your amrs while holding circular saw. On forums topic here. ToolGuyd explains how it happens:
    With a right-hand saw, your right hand is on the main grip, left hand on the aux grip, and blade is positioned to the right of all that. It's similar with a left-hand saw.
    But when a righty uses a left-handed saw, the right hand is on the main grip, left hand is on the aux handle, and your left arm crosses over the blade. The blade is aligned between your right hand and your body. Yes, the cut line is more visible, but it places the blade inside your arms, rather than outside.
    In such a position, if your left hand holds a workpiece and your right holds the main grip, you could in theory accidentally put the blade in contact with your left hand.

    Switching arms

    The Burb Billy in this video shows and shares his experience switching - arms

    From his explanation the change has advantages:
    • You don't need to lean over
    • You see blade and cutting mark so you able to make perfect cut
    On other side appears disadvantages:
    • In this position you could in theory accidentally put the blade in contact with your hand ( as ToolGuyd says ).
    • Sawdust is thrown all over you, compared to having it on side, where it can be directed away more efficiently.

    I have contacted author to know how he feels after 3 years experience of using saw that way and here his reply:

    Being in the trades for years, safety is a huge thing for me, being safe has allowed me to keep all my fingers on my hands and my eyes still work as they were intended to. That said, when I use a saw I know that I need to keep my hands away from the blade. I would be more concerned about someone cutting a leg because they propped a board on their knee and then tried to cut it, or bringing their body around the saw to try and see the cut and getting themselves off balance right before the saw decides to kickback.

    I did a video a few years ago about saw horses and covered some of the safety tips I have developed over the years. Here is the link

    In my opinion, being able to comfortably see the blade far outweighs any safety gains or saw dust concerns. The saw dust blowback was never really that bad for me.

    Some carpenters like using the right handed saws and I grew up with that being the only saw around. But I am always looking for ways to improve my skill set and make my job easier. I feel that I found that in the left handed saw and have used it for years now with zero safety issues.


    Very good safety video guide can be found here - .

    Thursday, January 19, 2017

    Google Chrome is unresponsive. Relaunch now? [Solution]

    Today faced with the annoying error "Google Chrome is unresponsive. Relaunch now?" while clicking on every link in skype and other programs.

    After checking for solution i have found that it happens not only with skype, but also with other applications like outlook and others.


    1. Fully close application in which chrome links doesn't work
    2. Close chrome application too. (Recommended to close it with Task Manager)
    3. Find application on start menu
    4. Open it As administrator.
    5. Done.

    Solution was found here:!msg/chrome/VTjkplvGp0g/uTuzz1sWTJgJ

    Thursday, December 29, 2016

    Diagnostic policy service not running - Solution

    The error might appear once you diagnose your network because of not working internet.

    Once you see this message you could try to run the service:

    1. Press Windows + R to open run.
    2. Enter into input 'services.msc'
    3. Press Enter
    4. Scroll down and find 'Diagnostic Policy Service'
    5. Right click on it and click Start
    Once it finished you might get Error 5: Access is denied.

    To solve it do this:
    1. Open start
    2. Search for 'cmd'
    3. Right click on it and click Open As Administrator
    4. Enter this: net localgroup Administrators /add networkservice
    5. Enter this: net localgroup Administrators /add localservice
    6. Close cmd window
    7. Do restart of your PC.

    If you don't have antivirus I suggest to install it on your PC. Some good offers of ESET antivirus
    Also possible reason because of not legal windows. Another good offers Here.

    If this didn't work you might try to solve it with regedit.exe help. More info on Microsoft forums here.

    P.S. Let me know in comments section below, if this method helped you. Thanks

    Sunday, January 31, 2016

    Redirect loop on admin login WordPress [Solved]

    Once i faced the problem i googled and found some topics about the problem.

    Result of the discussion I found solutions which might help you in same cases.

    If you still haven't figured out how to skip the loop - add "index.php" in address bar after "" ( In result you will get "" ) . It will allow you to access normally wordpress admin page without loop.


    Method 1

    Check general settings ( settings -> general ). And make sure your addresses are same ( make them lowercase ).

    Method 2

    Go to Permalinks settings ( settings -> permalinks ) and change to plain.

    Method 3 ( My situation )

    None of first methods worked for me ( Method 1 was correct for me, and method 2 - i didn't wanted to change permalinks ). So i have checked code what is happening there... and noticed that index.php isn't loading on wp-admin/ ( which should.. ). So I have checked ".htaccess" file in dir ( and in root dir later ). And I found old code in .htaccess which ruined login process.

    I have removed everything but wordpress comment surounded code, saved and wuallia... everything worked.

    Let me know if it worked for you. Thanks for comment <3 p="">

    Saturday, November 21, 2015

    Windows doesn't detects my nokia lumia

    Ill tell you how i solved my problem with nokia lumia 930 and maybe it will help you.

    First of all i had nokia lumia 635 which worked as charm when i was connecting it to my laptop with windows. But i have changed my phone and now when i was connecting with another cabel which i found at home it was charging but not connecting so i could copy photos.

    After searching internet for help, I couldn't find any proper solution how to fix it. Mostly they offer to check devices and update drivers. But problem is that it doesn't show up there. So finally I have tried to change cabel i was using. And you know what? It worked... I was using cabel from my JBL sound system. I guess it supports only devices like that. For similar problems you might check this officia nokia lumia support page . It possible that you have only 1 left usb cabel, so i suggest to buy original nokia lumia cabels - Find cabel for your nokia lumia.

    Then devices showed up in my devices list I have tried to update drivers with simple "update drivers software". But no success... It says "Windows could not find driver software for your device.".

    Finally I found solution how to solve it but checking "Driver software installation" popup which shows up when you unplug and plugin your device. There was messages near each driver that It can't find drivers. But there was small button that says I can change settings where to check drivers. And I found out that my it doesn't searched for online windows update. So i have changed settings by simple checking checkbox - to search drivers with windows update. Saved settings; Unpluged device; Plugged in device and waited until drivers was found online with windows update.

    After few moments my phone appeared in my computer and I could access files in it.

    P.S. I suggest to set lock screen on your device to be without time limit. So it's screen be always turned on while you install your device, else it might not shown up on your computer too...

    Please "like" my article so it could shown up higher in search engine, so it could help other people to solve the problem.

    Also please write in comments if it worked for you or maybe i skipped some part which was not understandable for you - so write how to solve it, so other people might not have problem in that place.


    Tuesday, October 27, 2015

    Antique salt and pepper shakers

    Salt and pepper shakers is matching set of salt and paper containers which was used in 19th century. Earlier there was no shakers and salt and paper was held in bowls.

    Image 1 - Black Americana Children Eating Watermelon Salt and Pepper Shakers
    Image 2 - Vintage Porcelain Ethnic Heads Japanese Figural Salt and Pepper Shakers

    Best shakers is matching set sellers

    There are not many places where you could find nice sets for you collection.
    First of all you should check gigants like amazon, Ebay, ebay for stuff like that.


    Amazon is good place to search such things.

    At the moment of search: 410 objects


    Etsy is site for handmakers, but not always... Some (a lot) people sell old stuff which was not maid by their hands... So its good place to find items like old salt and paper shakers.

    At the moment of search: 9189 objects


    Ebay is good place for a lot people to sell / buy items online same as for vintage same as for new items.

    Co uk version of ebay is an English for UK for sellers located in UK .

    At the moment of search: 174 objects

    At the moment of search: 5141 objects


    You might check craiglists... I haven't used it or ordered from there ( because not American ).

    At the moment of search: 93 objects

    Image 3 - Vintage Blue Dutch Kissers Kitchen Size Salt and Pepper Shakers
    Image 4 - Pig salt and pepper shakers


    There are Facebook pages like this one which contains offers in which you might be interested:

    Other sells

    Finally if you can't find what you want on these sites, you might check for online shops like this one: which is running by one persons ( i guess ). At the check of site it has 75 objects, some of which are already sold. So you better hurry if you want to buy one.

    Image 5 - Vintage Treasure Craft Mushroom Salt and Pepper Shakers

    Price check

    If you don't know or you wonder what price might have one of sets, you might use this page: . It contains big list of shakers with prices for each ( registration required... but few minutes for registration is nothing comparing with that - you will get price of the set ).

    Monday, October 19, 2015

    Bitcoin physical coin

    Physical bitcoin coin is real coin which is made from different metals. The coins doesn't has true values of bitcoin mostly it is just an souvenir coin ( It is just an collectible for show off ).

    There is one guy who makes real coins with true value. Title of the coins are casascius coins. He makes coins which has hologram on other side. After you rip off sticker, you can redeem the coins into your balance. Problems I already can see with this product is - you can lose the physical bitcoin coin or you can damage the hologram side...

    At the same side, price of the coin will not be same amount you will pay for ( not one to one ).

    Mostly the Collectible Souvenir Coin plated with silver and gold cover.

    Golden bitcoin physical coins

    Golden bitcoin physical coins

    Check current prices

    Silver bitcoin physical coins

    Silver bitcoin physical coins

    Check current prices

    Copper bitcoin physical coins

    Copper bitcoin physical coins

    Check current prices


    Mostly physical bitcoin coins are just collectible coin. Buy only if you want just have it as souvenir.

    Sunday, October 18, 2015

    Best Lego Molds

    There are various types of lego molds on current market. We took our time to research which are best ones and deserve your attention. First of all candy mold, gummies molds, jello mold, ice mold and even lollipop mold is all the same. Its possible you already seen one of these molds in walmart for sale. So lets start with our list of best lego molds.

    Deluxe 4 Pack Silicone Lego Molds - Non-stick Ice Cube, Jello, Chocolate and Candy Trays for Kids and Adults

    Well done quality, only lego forms with nice huge lego guy form.

  • SIMPLY THE #1 BEST SILICONE CANDY MOLDS for your house. User friendly and great fun for kids
  • USED TO MAKE candy, ice cubes, jello, chocolate etc.
  • 100% HIGH QUALITY FDA APPROVED product. 100% Bpa free with a high heat resistant
  • 4 DIFFERENT COLORED SILICONE TRAYS with different shapes and sizes

  • Check current price

    Soft Silicone Star Wars and Lego Shape Silly Ice Cube Tray 

    Nicely done silicone molds wich contains not only lego but also star wars shapes.

    • HAVE FUN making chocolate, ice, cakes the shape of your favourite things with these silicone moulds SET of 3 pieces GREAT gift idea for all ages, kids will love it but adults will have so much fun too, WITH BONUS EBOOK!
    • GREEN MOLD makes 6 Boba Fett Ice Cubes - 3 of Boba Fett's Helmet and three (3) Mandalorian symbol (15*11*3cm)
    • YELLOW MOLD - 10 LEGO Building Bricks Or Blocks (19*12*2cm)
    • RED MOLD 8 mini robots Minifigures (16.3*11.4*1.5cm)

    Check current price

    Lucentee® Silly Candy Molds & Ice Cube Trays

    Simple molds which contains only Lego forms. With extra recipes included.

  • MAKE - Candy, Chocolates (perfect as cake toppings/decoration), Silly Ice Cubes, Jello, Soap Or Own Crayons
  • YELLOW MOLD - 10 LEGO Or DUPLO Building Bricks Or Blocks (2.5 x 4.7 x 1.5 cm)
  • GREEN MOLD - 1 Giant LEGO Man (height 9.5cm) And 4 Small LEGO Figures (height 4.5 cm)
  • BLUE MOLD - 8 LEGO Minifigures (height 4 cm)

  • Check current price


    If you are looking for lego mold, you will find only simple forms which quality may be as not as good as you maybe expect. But enough good to make cool ice cubes for cold drink. Most molds are same types - lego human; lego brick 2x4; 1x3 and other similar bricks. Do not expect too much... you will not be able to build houses with these self made bricks.

    Our choice is #1 with 4 different types of shapes ( almost all possible lego mods in single product ).

    Cooler master sf 17

    Silent and Powerful 180 mm fan for excellent cooling performance Stepless Fan Speed Dial with power on/ off function 4 Height Adjustments for optimal working / typing angles 4 Port USB Hub to expand connectivity Improved Cable Management with grooved sides for cable routing Comfortable Rubber Handle designed to be easy to carry Laptop Retention Tabs for more stability at higher angles Red LED lighting stripe underneath for game session in the dark Supports Large Laptops up to 19"

    Silent and Powerful 180mm Fan. The massive metal mesh surface is accompanied by a powerful 180mm turbine fan to provide unprecedented airflow and keep laptop components running at optimal temperatures.

    Ergonomic Design for Gamers. Proper viewing and typing angles can mean the difference between being fully comfortable during a long fire fight or bowing out due to pains. Four height adjustment settings (3.5, 17, 21, and 28.5 degrees) provide the best viewing angle and relieve stress to your eyes and wrist.

    Expanded Connectivity. SF-17 has 4 USB port hub to expand extra connectivity for accessories or tablet/phone charging. A stepless fan speed dial allows you to adjust the fan speed to your desired need and a power on/ off toggle for the LED light to set the mood for gaming.

    Improved Cable Management. Cable routing grooves around three sides mean that you can arrange cables in place without cluttering your work or gaming environment.

    LED Lighting Stripe. Stylish LED lighting stripe provides the atmosphere gamers need for their unique system setups.

    Anti-slip Design. Thick rubber padding around the base with retention tabs guarantee more stability for your laptop even at higher angles.

    Dimensions: 470.7 x 326.9 x 54.9 mm flat, 173.2mm max height. 18.5 x 12.9 x 2.2 in flat, 6.8 in max height

    Check current price

    Tuesday, August 18, 2015

    Growing mushrooms at home (or outdoors)

    I'm person which likes to harvest mushrooms in forest. But in my situation this season is not much rainy, and there is luck of mushrooms. So I found interesting article on how to grow mushrooms at home. Cool idea for me... no need to wait fall and even you can harvest mushrooms every week and also you can get money for selling these mushrooms for friends or piceries.... or farmers?

    Growing mushrooms is pretty interesting thing and requires a lot to get "fruits". But with current people's ideas there are mushrooms kits which will help you to get first mushrooms pretty easy... You will not need any chemical clothes / scalpels and so on...

    I suggest to read few how to articles:
    Indoors growing
    Outdoors growing

    As I know now, a lot methods how to grow mushrooms. Starting from collecting mushroom spores from mushrooms which you can found in forest and finishing with the kits I mentioned. Coolest ones are growing mushrooms on logs. You will need some sticks / logs / drill / wax? Next you drill holes in fresh logs, put there spores; then stick there sticks and covering with wax, put in not windi and not sunny place. Done! Great huh?
    After few hours of work you will be able to get mushroom fruits for a few years... like 3 or 4 if you do everything correctly. Spores requires like 6 months to grow there..

    At the moment i look for spores supplier from which i could get them and grow them in my basement. Also thinking to try logs method...

    Thursday, April 30, 2015

    How to find IMEI code of your lost or stolen android phone

    If you lost or your phone was stolen and you don't have phone's box you still can get IMEI code.

    First method:

    1. Go to your google dashboard ;
    2. Scroll to Android section ;
    3. There will be list of your registered devices.

    Second method ( not all ):

    1. Login into Carrier account
    2. Some of carries displays device's IMEI and number of devices
    3. Done

    Second method:

    1. Go to your Carrier
    2. Ask for IMEI
    3. Done.

    4. Go to police / or whatever...

    Monday, April 27, 2015

    Adblocker CSS classes list which are blocked

    Here CSS classes list which adblocker blocks ( hides ).

    .ad-enabled, .ad-holder, .ad-img, .ad-inner, .ad-item, .ad-leader, .ad-leaderboard, .ad-left, .ad-link, .ad-links, .ad-panel, .ad-placement, .ad-right, .ad-section, .ad-served, .ad-sidebar, .ad-square, .ad-stack, .ad-text, .ad-top, .ad-unit, .ad-unit-300-wrapper, .ad-vertical-container, .ad-wide, .ad-wrap, .ad-wrapper, .ad160, .ad300, .ad468, .ad728, .ad90, .adBlock, .adBottomBoard, .adBox, .adContent, .adDiv, .adElement, .adFrame, .adFrameCnt, .adHead, .adHeader, .adHeaderblack, .adHeadline, .adHolder, .adHoldert, .adImg, .adItem, .adLink, .adMiddle, .adMod, .adModule, .adOverlay, .adPanel, .adPod, .adResult, .adRight, .adRotator, .adSpace, .adSpot, .adText, .adTitle, .adTopHome, .adWidget, .adWrap, .ad_1, .ad_160, .ad_160x600, .ad_2, .ad_3, .ad_728x90, .ad_960, .ad_Right, .ad_block, .ad_body, .ad_container, .ad_description, .ad_global_header, .ad_head_rectangle, .ad_header, .ad_img, .ad_item, .ad_leaderboard, .ad_line, .ad_middle, .ad_outer, .ad_promo, .ad_slug_table, .ad_space, .ad_spot, .ad_text, .ad_title, .ad_trick_header, .ad_trick_left, .ad_wrap, .ad_wrapper, .ad_zone, .adarea, .adbanner, .adbar, .adbottom, .adbutton, .adcolumn, .adcont, .addiv, .adframe, .adfree, .adheader, .adholder, .adinfo, .adkit, .adlink, .adlist, .admain, .admiddle, .adright, .adrow1, .adrow2, .ads-1, .ads-2, .ads-3, .ads-area, .ads-col, .ads-header, .ads-holder, .ads-inline, .ads-item, .ads-right, .ads-section, .ads-title, .ads-top, .ads1, .adsBlock, .adsWidget, .ads_catDiv, .ads_div, .ads_top, .ads_wrapper, .adsbottombox, .adsbox, .adsbygoogle, .adscontainer, .adshome, .adside, .adslot_blurred, .adspace, .adtable, .adtile, .adtop, .adv300, .adv_300, .advert-block, .advert-box, .advert-container, .advert-content, .advert-horizontal, .advert-wrapper, .advert2, .advertColumn, .advertContainer, .advertLink, .advertText, .advert_area, .advert_container, .advert_list, .advertbox, .advertisement-1, .advertisement-block, .advertisement-swimlane, .advertiser, .advertising_block, .advertisment, .advertorial, .adverts, .adverttext, .adwords, .afs_ads, .after-post-ad, .article_ad, .b-advert, .banner-ads, .banner160x600, .banner300, .bannerAd, .banner_728x90, .banner_ad, .bannerad, .block-ad, .block-simpleads, .blog-ads, .bottom-ad, .bottom-ads, .bottom-left-ad, .bottomAds, .bottom_ad_block, .box-ads, .box-radvert, .boxad, .can_ad_slug, .category-ad, .change_AdContainer, .chitikaAdBlock, .container_ad, .container_row_ad, .contentAd, .contentAds, .content_ads, .content_tagsAdTech, .cp-adsInited, .custom-ad, .displayAd, .download_ad, .featured-ad, .featuredAdBox, .flash-advertisement, .footer-ad, .footer-ads, .footerad, .forumAd, .gallery-ad, .google-sponsored, .googleAdSense, .googleAds, .has-ad, .header-ad, .headerAd, .header_ad, .header_ad_center, .header_advert, .headerad, .headerads, .home-ad, .home-ads, .homeAd, .homead, .homepage-ad, .homepage_ads, .horizontal_ad, .imgad, .inner_ad, .innerad, .interstitial_ad_wrapper, .ipsAd, .item-ads, .item-container-ad, .leaderboard-ad, .leaderboard-ads, .leftAd, .leftad, .list-ad, .list-ads, .listad, .logo-ad, .marketing-ad, .mid_ad, .middle_AD, .mod-adopenx, .module-ad, .newsAd, .oasad, .openx, .overlay_ad, .page-ad, .page_ad, .pfAd, .player_ad, .player_hover_ad, .pm-ad, .post-ad, .post-sponsored, .post_ad, .post_ads, .postad, .premiumAdOverlay, .premiumAdOverlayClose, .promoAd, .pub_300x250, .pub_300x250m, .pub_728x90, .publicidad, .rail-ad, .rbRectAd, .rectangle_ad, .refreshAds, .region-top-ad-position, .reklam, .reklama, .reportAdLink, .right-ad, .rightAd, .right_ad, .right_ads_column, .rightad, .rightadv, .sb_adsNv2, .searchAds, .searchad, .searchads, .showAd, .side-ad, .side-bar-ad-position1, .single-ad, .singleAd, .skinAd, .sky_ad, .skyscraperAd, .slide-ad, .smallAd, .small_ad, .smallads, .sponsor-box, .sponsorBottom, .sponsoredLinks, .sponsorlink, .sticky-ad, .text-ad, .text-ad-links, .text-ads, .textAd, .text_ad, .text_ads, .textad, .textads, .top-ad, .top-ad-wrapper, .topAds, .top_ad, .top_ad_div, .top_ad_wrap, .top_ads, .topads, .tower-ad, .type_ads_default, .view_ad, .wideAd, .withAds, .wpInsertInPostAd, .yom-ad, a[href*="/adrotate-out.php?"], a[href^=""], a[href^=""], a[href^=""], a[href^=""], a[href^=""], a[href^=""], a[href^=""], a[href^=""], a[href^=""], a[href^=""], a[href^=""], a[href^=""], a[href^=""], a[href^=""], a[href^=""], a[href^=""], div[id^="MarketGid"], div[id^="div-gpt-ad-"], iframe[id^="google_ads_frame"], iframe[src^=""]

    Update: 2015.04.27 

    Sunday, January 25, 2015

    3 rams usable of 4 windows 7 32 bit solution

    In my situation i had 3 gb's Rams are usable of 4 existing ones...

    There are 2 method how to solve it:
    1. Install windows with 64 bit. ( Need one? get it from amazon )
    2. Other easier trick:
    Method 2:

    1. You need to find on internet small and neat program which was created by Russian programmers which is called "4GB-RAMPatch". ( From my dropbox )
    2. Run it, and press "Patch x86 Ramlock".
    * After you patch, you will be able to start windows in 2 different boots. first - with increased rams, and second is normal one.. You can change "waiting time" in start->run->msconfig ( boot tab ).
    3. Restart

    After you boot small text will appear near clock "Test mode". But i guess you can try to remove if you don't like it a lot. I'm lazy, so 'ill leave it alone for now..

    Anyways you can unpatch anytime.

    Tuesday, September 30, 2014

    SVN tortoise 64x Windows 8 modified files icons fix

    SVN windows 8 64x icons fix
    You might have issue with your SVN modified files after installing SVN on your machine. As i understood after few hours the main problem is in icon's handler ( Don't know why... ).
    I have noticed some comments about dropbox. Your might be same as me: I had installed dropbox before SVN. Because of this dropbox's icons appeared in regedit first.

    Anyways, i have tried many solutions with preferences, but none helped me out.

    Solution which helped me i have found here:

    The fix I’m about to describe involves tampering with the Windows registry. It’s dangerous and one false move could trash your Windows installation!

    All you need to do is delete several regeedit values in this path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Explorer/ShellIconOverlayIdentifiers
    so it be in sum less or equals 11 values., else some of icons will be ignored.
    In my case I had dropbox icons first, so I left first 3 ones and one which I don't know why it's for with name - EnhancedStorageShell.

    After i removed values, Restarted windows. Done! Icons finally appeared.

    Monday, May 12, 2014

    Turning off wifi network notification

    Android phones has default notification for new available wifi network if your device is not connected. Sometimes it is so annoying so you don't turn wifi on.

    You can turn it off.

    Just go to
    1. Settings -> Wifi
    2. Press menu button
    3. Select advanced
    4. Uncheck "Network notification". ( "Notify me when an open network is available" ).
    5. Done.