Monday, February 25, 2008

Imperia GP Hybrid Sportscar Concept

It may not look futuristic, but the Imperia GP definitely deserves another glance. Powered by a 2.0L V4 that generates 176hp, it goes from 0-60mph in just 4.8-seconds (hybrid mode)

Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Real Hustle: Casino Shoe Switch

Novint Falcon Haptic Gaming Mouse Gets Pistol Grip

According to Evan Ackerman, "once you've tried the Falcon, pretty much any other FPS controller seems tame by comparison

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Google May Buy a Balloon Company to Build Huge Wireless Networks

Chemistry Professor Invents Smart Rubber That Heals Itself

According to a chemistry professor in Paris, this Smart Rubber "can be stuck back together if it is torn, then used over and over

Game|Life: Episode 2

In this week's episode of Game|Life, Princess Peach, Link and Mario battle it out in Super Smash Brothers Brawl. Is it worth the wait?

Who Is Googling You?

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Orgasmatron Delivers Instant Orgasms at the Touch of a Button

While many misguided designers think that creating gadgets for women involves merely making a phone pink or giving it a makeup mirror, Suart Meloy knows what ladies are really looking for: orgasms at the push of a button. And that's just what his Orgasmatron does.

The Orgasmatron, which is currently awaiting approval by the FDA for the treatment of "female orgasm dysfunction," is a box about the size of an Altoids tin (although he's working on shrinking it to the size of a couple sticks of gum) that has two thin wires that attach to the nerves in your spine responsible for sexual pleasure. You then hit a button on the remote and hocus pocus, you get yourself one 100% real orgasm. How's it feel?

Women who have used the device say they feel as if their clitoris and vagina are actually being stimulated, to quite realistic effect. ("One woman asked me, 'Would it be considered adultery if I gave the remote control to someone other than my husband?' " Meloy says.)

Some volunteers also report fleeting episodes of clenched foot muscles, Meloy says, probably a result of electrical pulses leaving the spine and stimulating nearby motor nerves. (He wonders if the phenomenon might somehow be related to a common orgasm description: "My toes curled.")

And when the device's pulse intensity is cranked up to maximum, Meloy says, some women find their vaginal and rectal muscles squeezing rhythmically in time with the pulses, even before the orgasmic finale.

Sounds pretty awesome to me. But I know what you're thinking: "This is all well and good for ladies, Adam, but what about me, a man who needs no help achieving orgasm but is simply greedy and lazy?" Don't worry, friend; you won't be left out in the cold.

Meloy says he has also implanted two impotent men with the device. Both volunteers were able to achieve an erection, he says, and reportedly had powerful ejaculations.

Powerful! Looks like it's back to wearing garbage bags for pants for me.

Unfortunately for the orgasm-deprived, when the Orgasmatron comes to market in two or three years it'll probably cost about $12,000, which is gonna be tough to justify for most people. Personally, the traditional method has always worked just fine for me, but when it comes to the big O I can't judge anyone for going out of their way to guarantee results.

Gravity Lamp Lasts 200 Years, Will Gmm/r2 Torchiere Lamps Out

This Gravity Lamp by a Virginia Tech student won second place at the Greener Gadgets Design Competition this week. The idea is quite simple in theory: a mass moves slowly down a column, which generates electricity by when the potential to kinetic energy conversion of the mass falling spins a rotor. To "reset" the lamp, the user just flips the thing over and sets the process in motion again. The entire setup should last about 200 years if used only eight hours a day, but should be plenty long for anyone we know.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

iPhone vs Smartphones

Motorola F3

About F3:
1: The F3 doesnt need charging all the time
2: The f3 does exactly what its meant to do
3: The F3 is small and light, and most importantly for me thin, this means that i can put the phone in my pocket and not worry about it looking like a lump on my leg.