Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mind Controlled Skateboard

Mind Controlled Skateboard of the Day: Chaos Moon Labs broke new ground earlier this year with their Kinect-powered skateboard, the Board of Awesomeness, but now they’ve moved on to something even more awesome: a mind-controlled board that they call The Board of Imagination.

The Board of Imagination is powered by an on-board Samsung tablet running Windows 8, which is connected to an Emotiv headset.
Once the headset has been trained, the rider can focus on a point in the distance and think about how fast he wants to get there, and the board will do the rest.
The vehicle tops out at around 32 mph, and it has enough battery power to go around 10 miles at that speed.
Distractions are still a problem, though. The creators say the board was tougher to pilot in downtown Austin, TX, where the company is based, than it would be on an empty street. The mind-controlled board is much simpler to steer than the earlier Kinect version, though.


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Facebook Identity Card

The FB Bureau is handing-out personal identification cards for a limited number of Facebook citizens, interested in alpha testing.
Next time someone needs to “see your ID” – How about showing a Facebook ID card instead of the documents your government gave you? On the web this is common practice for millions of people already. Therefore – Forget privacy.
Can I See your Facebook ID?
With more than 800 million users Facebook is the dominant identity system on the web. When signing-up for new services around the open web it's quite common to use Facebook Connect instead of creating a new user account. People stop ranting on blog comments because they only allow comments connected to your "real name" aka "Facebook Identity" (till the end of time). For the good or bad we are losing anonymity and Facebook Inc. is establishing order in this "world wild web" (for profit, not necessarily for the good of society).
Governments like Germany have released new passports that offer online identity checks as well, but they will likely never succeed with their technologies given the already existing structure of Facebook, powered by lazieness (or convience). The other way around though - A future where a Facebook Identity becomes more important than any governments' doesn't seem unrealistic. This possible future is already half-way there. What is exciting about this, what can be our role as artists and why should one even bother? Let's find out!
Next time someone needs to "see your ID" - How about showing a Facebook ID card instead of the documents your government gave you? On the web this is common practice for millions of people already. Therefore - Forget privacy. The user's next battle is about nothing less but who controls your identity, and we still might have something to say about it.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Blizzard Downplaying Diablo III

Manager tells such thing. Its incredible! They say "don't take candy", but as we know the more you tell "don't", it becomes more desirable.
Blizzard Downplaying Diablo III of the Day: Blizzard’s Diablo III is one of the most-anticipated games of the year, and repeated delays have only made fans hungrier to get their hands on it.
One Blizzard community manager, Bashiok, is worried that there’s no way a game could live up to all that hype, so he’s taken to the forums to manage gamers expectations by telling them that Diablo III isn’t that awesome.
“Stop thinking about how awesome this game could be. Just imagine it’s a new M. Night Shyamalan movie. SureSixth Sense was amazing and Unbreakable had it’s moments, but this right here is the sequel to The Village,” Bashiok wrote.
Although he’s got a point — the hype for D3 may have created an impossible bar for the game to clear — it’s unusual to see a game company’s public relations team telling fans to be less excited about a new release.
Maybe the M. Night Shyamalan twist to this story is that Diablo III will be the most amazing thing Blizzard has ever created. Either that, or Deckard Cain was dead all along.
Barring any further delays, we’ll find out sometime in the second quarter of 2012


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Faster Than Light Neutrino Error

The faster-than-light neutrino result measured by the OPERA experiment at CERN last September now appears to have been the result of a bad fiber optic connection between a GPS receiver and a computer.

The neutrinos appeared to make the 454 mile journey from CERN in Geneva to the Gran Sasso Laboratory 60 nanoseconds faster than the speed of light — a finding that contradicted Einstein’s special theory of relativity.
After tightening the connection and re-running the experiment, researchers found that the 60 second discrepancy was eliminated. Further tests are being run to confirm the source of the error.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Saulės elektrinės

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