Saturday, November 4, 2017

Setting shopify quantity minimum value

Today faced with problem of shopify:

Ability to set up minimal value for a product quantity

After some research i found some old topics with difficult solutions, for example this one:

In my case it was enough to set minimal value for all products. So here how to do that:

1. Admin / Online Store / 
2. From button "actions" select "edit code"
3. In folder "Sections" find file "product-template.liquid"
4. In my case it was line 172 with code:
class="product-form__input" id="Quantity" name="quantity" pattern="[0-9]*" type="number" value="1"
So i made change here to:
class="product-form__input" id="Quantity" min="10" name="quantity" pattern="[0-9]*" type="number" value="10"
I have set value default to 10 and "min" to 10 too.
5. Press review / save
6. Done

p.s. similar solution found here:

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

CPU lag spikes while moving mouse

So recently i faced with strange problem: While moving mouse i have seen noticeable lags spikes like wrapping for a several seconds and lag stops after it and mouse starts to move smoothly again. Doesn't matters what places - gaming / desktop or even bios.

My PC specs:

Windows 10
Nvidia GTX 770
Intel I5-2400 @ 3,1 Ghz
DDR3 8 GB ram
Asus mother board p8h61-m le r2.0
bios 1408

It felt like it was a virus / trojan or other bad program which uses CPU / HDD or other PC resources.


First thing what i did is checked Task manager. Than i have continued and monitored several hours in resource monitor. But nothing was noticed in cpu / memory / disk neither in network tab.

Secondly I have installed few free or trial versions of anti-viruses and other monitoring applications:

  • Kaspersky ( ) install and made full scan
  • Malwarebytes ( ) install and made full scan
  • Bitdefender ( ) made full scan
  • CCleaner ( ) full scan
But nothing was found.

Hard drive check

Next i have checked hard drive for bad sectors. Made other scans with programs like
  • LatencyMon ( )

Advanced task manager

For more advanced tasks monitoring i have installed programs like:
  • Open hardware monitor ( )
  • Security task manager ( )
But still no results and bad process was fount there. 


After multiple check noticed:
  • Lag spikes was noticed even in BIOS
  • Sometimes lags disappear but after some use of PC the lags appeared back.
Other tries was made to prevent lags:
  • Disable cortana
  • Performance windows 10 optimization ( recommended youtube video with full steb by step instuction how to clean and disable unusefull programs/services and gadgets ) 
  • Disabling Realtek HD drivers
  • Disabling Nvidia sound drivers
  • Try to update bios ( but i had latest version )

Ask profesionals for help

Coworker/Friend of mine suggested to disconnect GPU.

After i have disconnected GPU i have noticed some improvement, but not for long... after few moments lags was noticed again. 

Logitech m185

Finally suggestion was to try disconnect used USB port devices and look if something is interrupting. And after i have changed bluetooth mouse usb plugin i came up with idea that maybe my mouse is broken ( because of rage gaming ). So what i did i changed mouse with same model - logitech m185 ( best mouse in the world. if you want one buy it here ) my wifes one. 
And miracle happened. It worked perfectly! No lags, no spikes nothing, but smooth movements. 


And finally i came up with idea to try changing battery on my mouse. And guess what...  It started to work perfectly again

Problem that i didn't though about battery at first time was because that when my battery dies mouse stops working immediately, but this time it didn't happen that way.


Saturday, March 4, 2017

Left handed circular saws

Two types of circular saws

  • Right handed circular saw -  blade on right side
  • Left handed circular saw - blade on left side

I suggest to check reviews inside.

Typical use of circular saws is when blade goes to side of your body. Righty holds main grip with right hand, aux grip with left and blade goes to right side. Opposite, lefties holds main grip with left hand, aux grip with right and blade goes to left side.

Between arms

So what about other method? How about holding right bladed saw's main grip with left hand and left bladed saw's main grip with right?

You shouldn't cross your amrs while holding circular saw. On forums topic here. ToolGuyd explains how it happens:
With a right-hand saw, your right hand is on the main grip, left hand on the aux grip, and blade is positioned to the right of all that. It's similar with a left-hand saw.
But when a righty uses a left-handed saw, the right hand is on the main grip, left hand is on the aux handle, and your left arm crosses over the blade. The blade is aligned between your right hand and your body. Yes, the cut line is more visible, but it places the blade inside your arms, rather than outside.
In such a position, if your left hand holds a workpiece and your right holds the main grip, you could in theory accidentally put the blade in contact with your left hand.

Switching arms

The Burb Billy in this video shows and shares his experience switching - arms

From his explanation the change has advantages:
  • You don't need to lean over
  • You see blade and cutting mark so you able to make perfect cut
On other side appears disadvantages:
  • In this position you could in theory accidentally put the blade in contact with your hand ( as ToolGuyd says ).
  • Sawdust is thrown all over you, compared to having it on side, where it can be directed away more efficiently.

I have contacted author to know how he feels after 3 years experience of using saw that way and here his reply:

Being in the trades for years, safety is a huge thing for me, being safe has allowed me to keep all my fingers on my hands and my eyes still work as they were intended to. That said, when I use a saw I know that I need to keep my hands away from the blade. I would be more concerned about someone cutting a leg because they propped a board on their knee and then tried to cut it, or bringing their body around the saw to try and see the cut and getting themselves off balance right before the saw decides to kickback.

I did a video a few years ago about saw horses and covered some of the safety tips I have developed over the years. Here is the link

In my opinion, being able to comfortably see the blade far outweighs any safety gains or saw dust concerns. The saw dust blowback was never really that bad for me.

Some carpenters like using the right handed saws and I grew up with that being the only saw around. But I am always looking for ways to improve my skill set and make my job easier. I feel that I found that in the left handed saw and have used it for years now with zero safety issues.


Very good safety video guide can be found here - .

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Google Chrome is unresponsive. Relaunch now? [Solution]

Today faced with the annoying error "Google Chrome is unresponsive. Relaunch now?" while clicking on every link in skype and other programs.

After checking for solution i have found that it happens not only with skype, but also with other applications like outlook and others.


  1. Fully close application in which chrome links doesn't work
  2. Close chrome application too. (Recommended to close it with Task Manager)
  3. Find application on start menu
  4. Open it As administrator.
  5. Done.

Solution was found here:!msg/chrome/VTjkplvGp0g/uTuzz1sWTJgJ