Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Quake 2 on WII

This if fu.king awesome. If i had wii, i would buy quake2 for it for sure. Im just saing..

by IzhidoA port of the original id Tech 2 engine (Quake II) to the Nintendo Wii, compiled using devkitPPC / libogc. The engine is almost feature-complete, with sound & network play. The only missing functionality is the CTF (capture-the-flag) module that was added later into the engine. Get the newest release, and find out what's new, at http://dsotaku.drunkencoders.com/Q2Rev/Q2Rev.html .

Monday, December 7, 2009

Blogger layouts [ templates ]

You will not find any template or layout on the blog but ill post some tricks and links in the post. 

First of all here good web site with nice templates:
Today i was forced to use one, so i did.

a) To install template from the web site you need to do this:
1) choose one
2) download xml file from the site
3) open your blogger account
4) choose layout
5) press edit HTML
6) press "Choose File" and choose xml file which you downloaded
7) press upload
8) save and you are done!

b) trick/solution if you have undefined/undefined text on date's place.
1) goto to blogger account
2) go to settings
3) press formating
4) change Timestamp Format "Tuesday, December 23, 2008" ( should show current your day). 
5) save and you are done!