Saturday, November 21, 2015

Windows doesn't detects my nokia lumia

Ill tell you how i solved my problem with nokia lumia 930 and maybe it will help you.

First of all i had nokia lumia 635 which worked as charm when i was connecting it to my laptop with windows. But i have changed my phone and now when i was connecting with another cabel which i found at home it was charging but not connecting so i could copy photos.

After searching internet for help, I couldn't find any proper solution how to fix it. Mostly they offer to check devices and update drivers. But problem is that it doesn't show up there. So finally I have tried to change cabel i was using. And you know what? It worked... I was using cabel from my JBL sound system. I guess it supports only devices like that. For similar problems you might check this officia nokia lumia support page . It possible that you have only 1 left usb cabel, so i suggest to buy original nokia lumia cabels - Find cabel for your nokia lumia.

Then devices showed up in my devices list I have tried to update drivers with simple "update drivers software". But no success... It says "Windows could not find driver software for your device.".

Finally I found solution how to solve it but checking "Driver software installation" popup which shows up when you unplug and plugin your device. There was messages near each driver that It can't find drivers. But there was small button that says I can change settings where to check drivers. And I found out that my it doesn't searched for online windows update. So i have changed settings by simple checking checkbox - to search drivers with windows update. Saved settings; Unpluged device; Plugged in device and waited until drivers was found online with windows update.

After few moments my phone appeared in my computer and I could access files in it.

P.S. I suggest to set lock screen on your device to be without time limit. So it's screen be always turned on while you install your device, else it might not shown up on your computer too...

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