Thursday, December 29, 2016

Diagnostic policy service not running - Solution

The error might appear once you diagnose your network because of not working internet.

Once you see this message you could try to run the service:

  1. Press Windows + R to open run.
  2. Enter into input 'services.msc'
  3. Press Enter
  4. Scroll down and find 'Diagnostic Policy Service'
  5. Right click on it and click Start
Once it finished you might get Error 5: Access is denied.

To solve it do this:
  1. Open start
  2. Search for 'cmd'
  3. Right click on it and click Open As Administrator
  4. Enter this: net localgroup Administrators /add networkservice
  5. Enter this: net localgroup Administrators /add localservice
  6. Close cmd window
  7. Do restart of your PC.

If you don't have antivirus I suggest to install it on your PC. Some good offers of ESET antivirus
Also possible reason because of not legal windows. Another good offers Here.

If this didn't work you might try to solve it with regedit.exe help. More info on Microsoft forums here.

P.S. Let me know in comments section below, if this method helped you. Thanks

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Redirect loop on admin login WordPress [Solved]

Once i faced the problem i googled and found some topics about the problem.

Result of the discussion I found solutions which might help you in same cases.

If you still haven't figured out how to skip the loop - add "index.php" in address bar after "" ( In result you will get "" ) . It will allow you to access normally wordpress admin page without loop.


Method 1

Check general settings ( settings -> general ). And make sure your addresses are same ( make them lowercase ).

Method 2

Go to Permalinks settings ( settings -> permalinks ) and change to plain.

Method 3 ( My situation )

None of first methods worked for me ( Method 1 was correct for me, and method 2 - i didn't wanted to change permalinks ). So i have checked code what is happening there... and noticed that index.php isn't loading on wp-admin/ ( which should.. ). So I have checked ".htaccess" file in dir ( and in root dir later ). And I found old code in .htaccess which ruined login process.

I have removed everything but wordpress comment surounded code, saved and wuallia... everything worked.

Let me know if it worked for you. Thanks for comment <3 p="">