Monday, February 22, 2010

[AVA] 1013 C:\ijji\ENGLISH\AVA\Binaries [Solution]

AVA - Alliance of Valencia Arms game which i started to play 3 days ago. 
And 2 days ago weird bug showed it self. After i start game ( join random server ), i appear in game but can't do anything because of this weird lag. It feels like your pc lagging not internet. So after 2 or 3 or 4 minutes lag, you stop laging. So if feels like omg finally it is over, BUT after 30secs appears little message in chat box. 
It sais: "lost connection to server: bla bla bla 20 secs". So after 20 secs your game is crushing and you appear on desktop with ijji reactor and error box 1013.

So if you have the problem, maybe it can help you as helped me. 
I haven't fixed it, but im able to play AVA.

Guide how to fix 1013:
1) you better turn off [ijji reactor] ( but i think it is not essential )
2) Disable your antivirus
3) go to your AVA binaries folder. the path error shows C:\blah blah blah\binaries\
4) delete "GameGuard" folder
That is all.. after i do this it updates GameGuard ( like 8 files ) and i able to play AVA normally.. It is bad that i need to delete them each time i want to play, but it is better then to reinstall ava each time you want to play ( between reinstall ava helped me [because gameguard files renewed ^^) )

OS: Windows 7.

For those who don't knows what AVA is, i totally recommend to try it. IMO it is very good game while i hate CS ( counter - strike and love quake 2 ). Style of the game like - FPS/ACTION/RPG/STRATEGY/and so on :D

p.s. the solution i found here:

Good luck!