Friday, February 22, 2013

How to clean Gmail fast

If you didnt deleted mails from your gmail for ages, and you want to delete some of them and archive other ones than you came to right place.

Here is how to do it.

Sing up on mailstrom ( )

You need to use the great tool.
With the tool I deleted / archives 16000 emails ( something like ~1 hour... work )

Here how it works
You give access to your gmail. The tool scans for titles and mails names and groups them.

Here is some suggestions how to clean.
1. Delete all social mails ( junk, right? )
2. Check mails grouped by size ( More than 10 mb ).
3. Finally go to section group by Time and delete / archive everything
3.1 My method: After click certain time label , i unckeck mails which ill archive., after i press delete button. Once mails sent to delete i double press on "uncheck/check all" checkbox to select all mails which are left. Once they are selected i archive them. It takes about 5-15 secs per Time label. ( +5-30 extra load )

So if you have like 40 time labels, it will take you like 40 x 1min = 40 minutes to delete everything.

My mailstrom history: