Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mind Controlled Skateboard

Mind Controlled Skateboard of the Day: Chaos Moon Labs broke new ground earlier this year with their Kinect-powered skateboard, the Board of Awesomeness, but now they’ve moved on to something even more awesome: a mind-controlled board that they call The Board of Imagination.

The Board of Imagination is powered by an on-board Samsung tablet running Windows 8, which is connected to an Emotiv headset.
Once the headset has been trained, the rider can focus on a point in the distance and think about how fast he wants to get there, and the board will do the rest.
The vehicle tops out at around 32 mph, and it has enough battery power to go around 10 miles at that speed.
Distractions are still a problem, though. The creators say the board was tougher to pilot in downtown Austin, TX, where the company is based, than it would be on an empty street. The mind-controlled board is much simpler to steer than the earlier Kinect version, though.