Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Antique salt and pepper shakers

Salt and pepper shakers is matching set of salt and paper containers which was used in 19th century. Earlier there was no shakers and salt and paper was held in bowls.

Image 1 - Black Americana Children Eating Watermelon Salt and Pepper Shakers
Image 2 - Vintage Porcelain Ethnic Heads Japanese Figural Salt and Pepper Shakers

Best shakers is matching set sellers

There are not many places where you could find nice sets for you collection.
First of all you should check gigants like amazon, Ebay, ebay for stuff like that.


Amazon is good place to search such things.

At the moment of search: 410 objects


Etsy is site for handmakers, but not always... Some (a lot) people sell old stuff which was not maid by their hands... So its good place to find items like old salt and paper shakers.


At the moment of search: 9189 objects


Ebay is good place for a lot people to sell / buy items online same as for vintage same as for new items.

Co uk version of ebay is an English for UK for sellers located in UK .

At the moment of search: 174 objects


At the moment of search: 5141 objects


You might check craiglists... I haven't used it or ordered from there ( because not American ).

At the moment of search: 93 objects

Image 3 - Vintage Blue Dutch Kissers Kitchen Size Salt and Pepper Shakers
Image 4 - Pig salt and pepper shakers


There are Facebook pages like this one which contains offers in which you might be interested: https://www.facebook.com/Antique-salt-and-pepper-shakers-1207125309304202/

Other sells

Finally if you can't find what you want on these sites, you might check for online shops like this one:
https://www.coololdstuffforsale.com/sc108-salt-pepper.php which is running by one persons ( i guess ). At the check of site it has 75 objects, some of which are already sold. So you better hurry if you want to buy one.

Image 5 - Vintage Treasure Craft Mushroom Salt and Pepper Shakers

Price check

If you don't know or you wonder what price might have one of sets, you might use this page: https://www.kovels.com/price-guide/salt-pepper-shakers.html . It contains big list of shakers with prices for each ( registration required... but few minutes for registration is nothing comparing with that - you will get price of the set ).

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