Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Growing mushrooms at home (or outdoors)

I'm person which likes to harvest mushrooms in forest. But in my situation this season is not much rainy, and there is luck of mushrooms. So I found interesting article on how to grow mushrooms at home. Cool idea for me... no need to wait fall and even you can harvest mushrooms every week and also you can get money for selling these mushrooms for friends or piceries.... or farmers?

Growing mushrooms is pretty interesting thing and requires a lot to get "fruits". But with current people's ideas there are mushrooms kits which will help you to get first mushrooms pretty easy... You will not need any chemical clothes / scalpels and so on...

I suggest to read few how to articles:
Indoors growing
Outdoors growing

As I know now, a lot methods how to grow mushrooms. Starting from collecting mushroom spores from mushrooms which you can found in forest and finishing with the kits I mentioned. Coolest ones are growing mushrooms on logs. You will need some sticks / logs / drill / wax? Next you drill holes in fresh logs, put there spores; then stick there sticks and covering with wax, put in not windi and not sunny place. Done! Great huh?
After few hours of work you will be able to get mushroom fruits for a few years... like 3 or 4 if you do everything correctly. Spores requires like 6 months to grow there..

At the moment i look for spores supplier from which i could get them and grow them in my basement. Also thinking to try logs method...

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