Monday, May 14, 2018

Solution for Chrome USB debugging remote devices doesn't appear

Today I was forced to inspect crashing chrome browser. To inspect that i needed to use desktop chrome.

To do that there is pretty good tutorial:

But after completing all steps. Nothing appeared in "remote devices" on desktop.

After few hours i have found solution.

To fix that:

  1. Download SDK Platform-Tools for Windows zip file. Extract..
  2. Launch cmd.exe ( command prompt ). 
  3. From extracted folder launch "C:\path_to_file\adb.exe devices" . You might get as i got - "List of devices attached: 9be86c14 unauthorized"
  4. Now unplug your phone and plug it back. 
  5. Check your phone that it allows PTP connection of USB debugging ( check link ).
  6. Repeat #3 step - launch "adb.exe devices" command again. You might get same message in cmd.exe window. BUT now check your phone. There should be confirmation popup window for mac address. Accept that.
  7. Now just repeat same #3 step. As it shown from my screenshot i got success message "9a479b83 device".
  8. Done. Now you should be able to detect the device under "remote devices" in google chrome. 

To inspect url on device:

  1. On device open chrome and open desired url
  2. On desktop open remote devices 
  3. Click device
  4. Near appeared list of "opened" tabs with shown urls find your "last one" and on right side click "inspect" button.
  5. Done.

Happy debugging.

Let me know if it helped you. Or write where you stuck and how you solved it, so other people could save time. Thanks.

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