Tuesday, July 17, 2012

htaccess file invisible on ftp

Once again i faced with this problem...

I have connected to ftp to edit htaccess file but it is invisible. I use PSPad Editor with ftp client support.

Here is how to fix

Invisible files on ftp in PSPad:
1. Edit your ftp connection
2. Check checkbox with text - "Show hidden files (must be supported by FTP server)"
3. Reconnect
4. Done.

Cureftp fixing hidden files:

1. Open CuteFTP and Enter Hostname , Username and Password.
2. Click Action tab in Settings
3. Click on Filter button
4. tick on Enable server side filtering
5. Enter -a in Remote filter
6. Click on apply & connect.

FileZilla fix to see invisible files:

For FileZilla 2,
1. Click on Settings.
2. Select Edit -> Settings -> Interface settings -> Remote file list
3. Tick check box syas Always show hidden files & press ok.

For FileZilla 3,
1. Click on Server from top navigation.
2. Click on Force showing hidden files at last option
3. Press ok when it shows warning.