Friday, August 10, 2012

Joomla k2 joomfish elements translation

Yesterday and today i faced with problem in Joomla joomfish translation of joomla k2 elements.

While being in translation panel of joomla backend I couldn't find any of k2 elements for translation.

Solution for this is easy:

Please read #7 first

0) I suggest to do "backup" ( I used Akeeba backup )
1) Find same k2 version which you use, zip installer by searching it in internet
2) Download it
3) Than go to Extension manager of Joomla ( Backend Joomla -> Extensions -> Install / Uninstall )
4) Choose package file from browse for "Upload package file"
5) Select downloaded zip
6) Press "Upload file and install" button
7) After installiation you could miss some features which you might be changed before in k2 ( it happens whan you fix k2 code ( while doing it wrong way..., it shouldn't be happen if you do it right way by copying files to template folder to k2 html and so on.. ) ).
8) Now you should fine... and able to find k2 elements.

Good luck.

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