Friday, June 7, 2013

How to get microphone icon to the iphone keyboard

Your question might look like this:
  • How do you get the mic icon on the iPhone keyboard
  • How to get microphone icon to the iOS keyboard
  • How to get the mic icon on keyboard of iphone 4
and so on..

The microphone shows ability to speak and transform voice into text. Ability exists only on devices which supports SIRI.

How to activate

If you have device which supports SIRI, just go to:
Settings -> General -> Siri -> On.

For the moment SIRI is available to few languages and don't has such languages as Russian or Lithuanian and others...

My self i was looking for application which could send voice / text to contact.
I found few, but they are not enough good, because of my voice or software understandings ( bugs, problems ) and so on.
Here are list of application which transforms voice into text:

Send voice

Solution for this is just to send voice file.
There are some problems and applications for this.

Problem is that user must has "user account" to receive files.
Most popular application is 
1. Whatsapp

But it is not free, and you need to have account there. 
Most my contacts don't has whatsapp account, so i cant contact them with it.

Better solution

As iPhone freebie user, i don't buy at all.

If you are so as me, than i suggest to try this awesome application:

It is free, and it allows you to record message with voice and just to send the voice file. 
1. Optimized voice files.
2. Most of people now has Facebook.
3. You can write text messages.
4. And much more.

Real physical microphone for Iphone

There are various options how to get physical microphone. My favorite and not traditional way is to buy portable speaker like JBL with included microphone.
Check prices here.

If you still want a microphone, you can get one like this: 
Dayton Audio iMM-6 Calibrated Measurement Microphone for iPhone, iPad Tablet and Android


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