Monday, June 3, 2013

Highest known BPI of lumosity

I have searched internet for highest BPI people. But no success, i guess Lumosity hides because of privacy.

I'm PHP programmer from Lithuania and my BPI at the moment is 1658.
I use only iPhone application ( without full access ).
Prove 2013.06.03:

Post in comments your BPI and what you work.

More about lumosity:

BPI 1660 ( 2013.06.04 )


  1. Чувак, это круто, у меня около 900 и растёт медленно.

  2. mine is 435 now i just started a week ago

  3. Good luck Anab :), you will need it..

  4. you need to do it full access to have a proper bpi

  5. Hi Roman, it looks really great!

    I'm at 1607 and have full access to Lumosity!

  6. Impressive.
    Mine is 1618. I also use iPhone with a free account. The results are distributed [1614;1623].
    Can you please show the screenshot from

  7. I use the free access, and I got 1758 overall, which- I feel- is impossible as I haven't heard of any that high. Do any full access users have any data on the max BPI scores?

    1. Wow Moses. that is really high and i know how hard it is after 1650...
      Can you please upload image or url to screenshot of your stats? Thanks

    2. surely that's impossible because the highest you can get in individual sections is 1699...

    3. That's great! Not impossible, since the admins of Lumosity have modified the algorithm which determines one's BPI to account for each game within a given category of cognitive skill; in addition, my own BPI is 1868 overall, and I can only play the games afforded by free access.

    4. i haven't played it lately... at the moment dont have iphone so i could play it. ;S

    5. Oh, I didn't come back to this page for a while, I just realized I never uploaded the image. Here.