Monday, May 16, 2011

Google chrome Program too big to fit in memory [ Solution ]

Today for first time i meet the problem.

I was browsing as always... many tabs - like 10. Most of them are text. Suddenly my pc showed BSOD. After restart google chrome want start. And shows cmd windows for a second.

With cmd.exe ( start > cmd.exe ) , you can run same google chrome to see error message. It was - "Program too big to fit in memory".

After some google searches i read nothing interesting but only complains and questions about the problem.

I was not worried about my bookmarks because im using google sync.

1. So i just opened firefox.
2. Went to Google Chrome download page.
3. Downloaded / Ran setup
4. After installation all came back to normal.

Also last session was saved... and i could see pages which was opened before BSOD.

In worst situation you can lose your bookmarks. So its up to you...

Leave a comment if your bookmarks haven't erased after install. If you didn't used google sync. Cheers.

Hope it will help you guys.