Sunday, November 14, 2010

How to install ipa files on ipod touch or iphone

If you wondering how to install ipa files on your ipod or iphone just follow the tutorial.

1. First of all, you will need to jailbreak your ipod or iphone. To do that follow the tutorial: jailbreaking-41-ipod-touch-2g
2. Next you need to update all files with Cydia which will appear on your ipod or iphone after you jailbreak it.
3. Next make sure you synchronize your ipod or iphone with your iTunes. Make sure you have at least one application which is not default one. Other wise application tab will not appear in your iTunes.
4. Open cydia.
5. Go to manage and add source ( Manage>Sources>Edit>Add )
6. Search for "Appsync" application for current firmware and install it. ( Search>Appsync>Install>Confirm )
7. Than just download you needed one ipa file from internet.
8. Drag the ipa file to your iTunes application section.
9. Synchronize new content with your ipod or iphone.
10. Done.


  1. I have been trying for many times. in every 1 time i can install app to my iphone, But after that i cannot install any cracked app. in itunes the app sync check box is disabled and it does not install any app. pls help me. i m using iphone 3G. firmware 3.1.3... reply plx.

  2. i guess you need to update your firmware. because of firmware version lack you can sync...

  3. what do we do if we uploaded to BB6.15 with the new Cydia...I'm on a 3GS? Last OS is Appsync OS is 4.2?

    Will that still work or do we have to wait for a new Appsync??