Saturday, November 13, 2010

Jailbreaking 4.1 ipod touch 2g

I have ipod touch 2g, and today i was forced to do jailbreak again.

Anyways here is very good video on youtube which shows how to do it in very easy way

To do jailbreak for your ipod touch all you need is:
1. to download Redsn0w for Windows from here
mediafire redsn0w
Or here: rapidshare redsn0w

Mac version:

2. to download firmware 4.1 for your device...
in my situation is ipod touch 2g firmware - ipod touch 2g
in your situation it can be ipod touch 3g - ipod touch 3g ( if you don't know which generation you have, than i recommend you to check the article - difference-between-ipod-touch-mc-and-mb )
or even iphone - iPhone4

3. to run redsn0w
4. follow instructions
5. done.

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