Thursday, May 13, 2010

PSPad language problem

Pspad official website:

Ok, if you are person which has problem with pspad language which is "Cheske" and you don't understand anything but you know that when you go to Settings -> Program settings ( but it says instead: nastaveni programu ) than here is solution which helped me.
When you download installer which calls , and when you extract you have some txt files, one pspad.exe and brunch of language files. All you need to do is to put all these language files to lang folder. If you don't have such folder, Create it!
So it be like
After you do so, just go "Nastaveni programu" and choose English which question mark near it. Press ok and you are done!.

Happy using.

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  1. Thanks - I accidentally deleted the folder and to my surprise started seeing this. A simple restore of the Lang folder did the trick!