Saturday, February 1, 2014

How to install sublime text 2 for newbies

In the tutorial ill write how to install sublime text 2, SFTP ( ftp remote connection ), emmet ( newest zen coding ), new theme.

Why sftp?

  • Because most of time i edit files of php,css,html directly.
Why emmet?
  • It will save your time while coding.

How to step by step:
  1. Download newest version from ( Direct url 2.0.2 setup )
  2. First of all new theme. Get it here: ( Choose one of them download and so on... instructions:
  3. Now, install emmet. Download it from here: ( Download zip, on right side. or Direct url ) , Instructions are on same page with subheader "how to install".
  4. Now, sftp. SFTP requires package control. So go here: and grab code for sublime text 2. Open your sublime text 2 console with command ctrl+` and enter code. Done. Now you able to install packages. So search package installer with ctrl+shift+p ( Package Control: Install Package ). Search for SFTP. More instructions can be fount on official site here: or not official here:
  5. Done.

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