Thursday, January 6, 2011

httpd.exe apache cpu 100% load

I had the problem today. When i started Apache from Xampp control panel, CPU usage became 100%. Nothing changed after apache restart and PC restart. Same.. - 100%.

So to understand what is happening you need to 
1. go to: C:\xampp\apache\logs
2. open  access.log with text editor

if file is too big to open ( bigger than 5 mb ) do this:
1. just delete access.log and error.log
2. start apache and stop it after it will start loading your CPU to 100%.

In access.log, you will be able to figure out what is happening with your apache ( httpd ).

In my situation was some kind of apache virus ( which affects my files with new scripts called webdav and webalizer ).
So if you have the folders in your xampp folder, that means you have same problem..

i solved it by this way:
1. -> Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network and Sharing Center
2. -> Windows Firewall
3. -> Allow programs to communicate through Windows Firewall
4. Removed Apache HTTP Server with checked under Public ( To do that press Change settings button on top )
5. Close everything.

It might not help you. So here is one more idea what you could do in the situation:
After finding out what IP requested execution of the script in part with error.log just Block it! Google for answer..


  1. good info. solved my problem

  2. no problem. im glad that the blog helps people <3

  3. The problem on my computer was the xdebug.
    I disabled it and it works very fast now.

    1. Thanks, this fixed my problem, is really was Xdebug in PHP.ini

  4. it didn't work out for me unfortunately, I will go and install Apache freshly new again.