Friday, July 10, 2009

Not bad earning for Web masters

First of all, if you don't know what Page rank and backlink is, then you better not waste your time but go and learn about it.
Secondly you need to have your own webpage with higher or equal Page Rank then 1 ( blogspot not supported ).
Finaly you need to spend about 30 minutes to register and to set up everything.

So lets start. The page will give you ability to set up script on your page which will include backlinks. For each backlink, advertisers will pay you Money if he interested in your page. The money summarize on the page and you getting ability to payout after you reach only 10$ ( about 20 backlinks if PR eq 1 ).

Here are PR/money list:
PR1 0.5$
PR2 1$
PR3 2$
PR4 3$
PR5 4,5$
PR6 12.5$
PR7 30$
and so on..

If the information interesting for you, by confirming register:

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