Saturday, January 31, 2009

ad hoc , problems fixing enabling.

so okey, it will be info for people who has problem with it adhoc.

i had a lot problems with connecting my pc and my laptop. for example: connected but 0 sent and 0 received on my internet provider pc and 100 or more sent and 0 received on my laptop. and so on...

my devices:
i have station which connected to internet with cabel and has belking 54g usb adapter plugged in, and laptop with wireless.

first of all you need to make ad hoc connection on laptop.
to make adhoc connection you need:
0.a) turn wireless on
1.a) start > connect to > show all connections.
2.a) Wireless Network Connection > properties > wireles networks > add
3.a) My ad hoc settings- name(SSID): "RH-L <^>_(^.^)_<^>" . Authorization: Open , Data encyption: WEP. "The key is provided for me automatically" is unchecked. Network key is 13 symbols long, and contains asd 123 and ASD symbols. in sum it has to have 13 symbols.

4.a) "this is a computer-to-computer (ad hoc) network; wireless access points are not used" is checked. ( if you cannot check it. possible solution for this: disconnect from wireless or other connection for which are you connected; other solution: Wireless Network Connection > properties > wireless networks > advanced, check Computer-to-computer (ad hoc) networks only, "Automatically connect to non-preferred networks" is unchecked.
5.a) press ok
6.a) now connect to the ad hoc you created. so it should try to connect and say "Not connected" but you can disconnect from it ;D . anyways. there also should say waiting for other pc's to connect or something like that..

Now, go to your stational pc or other which will provide internet.
0.b) turn wireless on
1.b) Make connection of wireless to "Computer-to-computer (ad hoc) networks only" ( wrote earlier in #4.a)
2.b) try to connect with entering Key which you entered in #3.a
3.b) should authorizate an connection and generate ip adrresses

if computers are connected and there is no internet then here are posible solutions:

* make sure that you are sharing your internet. to check it go to:
start > connect to > show all connections. there should be wireless one and another, so go to another one properties and search in properties for "Share this computeres internet...", if it is not checked then check it.

* make sure that you are allowing all type of connections by firewall. to check it go to "Wireless Network Connection" properties of your stational pc. > advanced > settings > advanced > check wireless network connections > settings > check all in services and ICMP, preses ok, then in firewall advanced ICMP settings, allow all too. then close all by closing or pressing ok. better restart both pcs and after restart try to connect.

* sometimes it not worked at this point. stupid thing helped me: on stational pc which provided internet for me i did this: disable > enable wireless > then fast connect manualy to ad-hoc which i created. it solved problem sometimes.

good luck with it, you will need it from my exp ^^ !

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