Tuesday, August 5, 2008

How to play: La Brute [My Brute]


About game:
At first MyBryte ( or LaBrute ) supported only French language. Now La Brute supports English language too - My Brute
*Game style: RPG
*Game platform: web, java + text

Idea is that you start with char level 1 and 6 arena-fights. each next day you will get 3 arena-fights

How to start:
1) First you need to fight someone: Someone. by clicking on this links you open registration page where you can create your own character on left side (on right side is your enemy for registration only).
2) Enter nick you desire to use and click Validate ( "Valider" if it is la brute ) button.
3) Next enter your "code secret" aka "password". you can enter it in link ( top-right ) , upper from public-advertise.
4) after you entered your password (code secret), this account is yours and nobody else!
5) Go to arena and fight your first 6 enemies, one by one. You will gain level...
6) Wait for next day..
7) Go to arena to fight 3 times.
8) Advertise your char to get extra exp.
Repeat 6-8 step.

There are not many french words if you are using La brute and not My brute, so you can easely translate them with the dictionary: http://translation2.paralink.com/

Q: How to get weapon / skill / pet / stats ?
A: You can get item / skill / pet / stats only by leveling up like a bonus. you will get something from this ( item / skill / pet / stats ) by randomly.

Q: What "code secret" means?
A: "code secret" = password

Q: How to login?
A: Press "S'identifier pour aller dans l'arène" link under character view with stats. After page loaded, enter your password and press "Enter !"

Have another question? Ask i'll try to answer it.

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  1. on my charachter homepage there isnt "change a code secret" :(

  2. ask admins about it... i already seen some charakters without password. i guess you haven't set up code secret when it was available...

  3. Hi, how can I head my character? Can I at all?


  4. When I go to fight someone it brings me to the screen that says "You dare to challenge Insert name!" Nothing happens after that.

  5. could you show screenshot? :) maybe i could help..

  6. Is it possible to level up without getting any bonus items or skils?

  7. yep it is possible that you will not get any bonus or item or skill. why you want it? XD

  8. ==> Bonus experience points for 3 days ==> Special powers, all the better to crush your opponents with! ==> An exclusive arena for taking on your opponents. The secret code is:1 JIBGHCIE