Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Starcraft 2 Zerg Demonstration

Video showing the Zerg in SC2.



The overlord fulfils the same role within the swarm. It has the ability to attack. Detection is not an inherent trait; you will upgrade it.


Zerglings have lost their controversial wings and appear to have smaller bodies. Their functionality as expendable swarming units and their ability to morph into Banelings remains.


The hydralisk remains the ideal Zerg shock trooper that is able to attack ground and air with their potent needle spines. Additional abilities cannot be confirmed thus far. There are unconfirmed rumors of a melee attack.


Lurkers are visible while burrowed.


The mutalisk remains a swift Zerg flier that is armed with glave wurms to hit multiple targets. We cannot confirm which Zerg fliers, if any, evolve from the mutalisk although it is likely at least one does.


The Baneling is still a suicidal rolling bomb that evolves from a zergling; it is well-suited to destroying clumps of enemy units. Thus far, they function identically to the Banelings seen in the original WWI StarCraft II demonstration trailer.


The roach is a very fast moving unit that recovers health quickly.


The queen is a vastly different unit. She has the powerful ability to control Zerg base defence. The queen can create special structures and extend creep. It has the ability to create toxic creep. And it can make buildings regen faster. She has a nomad-esque ability drop temporary buildings that can attack.

The queen has become a keystone unit. Varied rates of regeneration appear to be a factor in StarCraft II.


The defiler's replacement, the infestor can move while borrowed. This ability supercharges use of darkswarm, plague, and a multi-purpose infestation ability. Terran barracks and supply depots are confirmed infestation targets.


The corruptor attacks air units. Instead of destroying them, it "corrupts" them. It can cause a large group of units to fight each other, quickly turning the tide of the battle.

Swarm Guardian

The swarm guardian is much like the original guardian, but it can now also create broodlings.


The ultralisk can burrow.

Infested Terran

Produced at the barracks (command center is not confirmed), the infested terrans move more slowly than marines

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